FOCUS - design au courant
To beautify. To inspire, To enliven. The Flo Room's mission is to add joy to functionality through Design Services & Products: Director of Creative Solutions, Visual Strategy, Managerial Oversight and Sustainable Products.

Endeavors are, (to name a few): Creative Direction - architectural, interior and graphic design. Conceptual renderings and sketches. Accessorizing your eco-chic style with FloWear - "Art-To-Wear" reclaimed glass pendants along with the FloPillo: the case against landfill. A semi-transparent plastic pillowcase waiting to be filled by you. Visit the folders under "Glasswork | Portfolio" to see more.

Your style. Refashion yourself for the eco-age with FloWear. Compositions are all hand-tooled with temperature-held strategies from one hundred percent reclaimed glass: old bottles, chipped vases and vintage glassware. Original and distinctive. Now featuring distinctive pieces made from shards of broken glassbaby glass.

A sketch for your clients, customers, co-workers. For your projects, your stories, your ideas. Let The Flo Room bring it to life. Through the technique of Rapid VIZ, quick conceptual drawings can flesh out solutions in minutes. The loose style allows coworkers and clients to enter into the collaborative design process resulting in the imaginative made real - immediately.

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