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Recycling has rarely been such fun! Fashion meets fulfillment with the FloPillo.

Try your ingenuity in using a FloPillo to re-route what would otherwise go to landfill. What will you use for the fill? Current owners have already tried out plastic bottle caps! Old socks and sneakers! Corks! Pens! Toothbrushes! It's up to you what goes inside and doesn't go into land and sea. The pillowcases themselves are constructed from reclaimed, translucent and semi translucent, commercial grade fabrics and very comfortable in their own right.

As a design professional in the 21st century, it is incumbent on us ("re-formers" of the physical world) to continually address our environmental impact: to maintain our vision and create a joyful, high-functioning, aesthetically-engaging experience while leaving a low to zero footprint. Some materials, e.g., glass can be reinvented relatively easily and beautifully - but what about plastics and other unsightly detritus?? That's a challenge!

Reroute and transform unsightly landfill using one of the most basic tenents of design theory: repetition. Any one object, discarded or not, used or unused, may or may not be aesthetically pleasing but collect multiples of it (repeat it) and its "eye-candy factor" spikes up tremendously. Think Andy Warhol and his Campbell's soup cans or Rene Magritte's Golconda, the "raining men" painting.

The FloPillo, while formally a pillowcase, is composed entirely of reclaimed clear plastic fabric allowing its contents to become a "show-case" - elevating otherwise discarded objects to a new level of beauty. Offsetting landfill, the FloPillo "fill" transforms what would otherwise be waste, not just by keeping it useful, but also by making it wonderful.

It is also a collaborative enterprise. Who knows what one might put inside it! Each one is distinctly unique.

Imago Showroom: FloPillo Feature
Maharam Ply, polyurethane, fill: plastic bottle caps
24' x 24"
"Sleeping it Off"

FloPillo collaboration with GAGA WQRKS
Discarded shower curtains, fill: mix of corks, bottle caps, foil, party debris
18" x 18"
"Solve the Puzzle"

FloPillo collaboration with Donna Peterson
Vinyl Mesh, polyurethane, fill: puzzle pieces
18" x 18"
"See the Beauty" 

FloPillo: Collaboration with Carrie Rehak
Discarded shower curtains, fill: old Converse shoes
18" x 18"
"Chillaxin" FloPillos with chair frame
Found objects: wooden chair frame, vinyl mesh, polyurethane, fill: mixed media
Top Pillo: 11" x 18", Seat: 24" x 24"
FloPillo Original
Maraham Ply, polyurethane, vinyl, fill: plastic bottle caps
24" x 24"
"Let's Talk Business"

FloPillo: Collaboration with Rob Soule
Vinyl mesh, polyurethane, cork fill
18" x 18"
FloPlllo Originals
Maraham Ply, Polyurethane, vinyl, fill: plastic bottle caps
"Pillow Talk with Rock (Hudson)" Collaboration with Gloria Noone
Maraham Ply, Polyurethane, vinyl, fill: pink styrofoam peanuts
12' x 21"
pen and ink, markers, colored pencil
11 x 17
Concept Sketch
Pen and ink, pencil
11" x 17"
Concept Sketch
Pen and ink, pencil
11" x 17"
Concept Sketch
Pen and ink, pencil
11" x 17"